We are trader and whole seller of Medical Disposable and Consumable items. Our association with large hospital, medical fraternity, as well as trade and commercial bodies in India and Abroad has given us a unique knowledge of the fast progressing economic scenario of developing South East Asian countries with specific focus on the healthcare segment including preventive healthcare. Successfully leveraged on the drivers of growth with our knowledge and commitment to grow the business. We are governed by highest ideals of corporate governance .Over decades we have successfully worked with various International co’s and try to bridge the gap between domestic and International know how of the product line. We have been successful in letting the medical fraternity embrace the new technologies.

  1. Cardiac Surgery
  2. Hospital disposables.
  3. Endoscopy and laparoscopy.
  4. Nephrology.
  5. Wound Care

Since the inception of this company and the growth of medical device industry we have not only sold our entire product line but also helped in educating the Medical fraternity to embrace the new technologies by partnering with them. We tried to bridge the wide gap between the Indian medical practices and international know-how through workshops, live demonstrations, conferences etc. Our association with various international and Fortune companies has helped us to understand better the today’s ever changing needs and requirements of Medical Industry as a whole.

We have some fortune suppliers who are tie up with us.